Can your morning cup of joe make the world a better place?

Can’t get enough of your caffeine fix? Read through and you might end up looking at a different perspective every time you make your morning cup of joe.

The rush for coffee

Coffee is one of the most famous beverages in the world. Wherever you go, you can instantly find coffee. It has an invigorating impact on people and it also stimulates our mind. It is served and mixed in numerous ways. Based on studies, 100 million Americans love gobbling down coffee at any time of the day. Now those digits are just from America, imagine adding the consumers from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and consumers from all over the world. You’ll end up with a big number you didn’t even imagine, right?

From the number of coffee drinkers you have in mind, you may already have an idea how your cup of joe helps make the world a better place. Since it is one of the most highly selling commodities in the market, it creates jobs and the sales definitely help the growth of the economy but have you ever wondered how those beans end up in your mug? Yes, you might have gotten it from your local grocery store or from a popular coffee shop in town but before it ended up there; it had to be cultivated by farmers whose average annual income is only $1000. They make sure to export quality beans that have the right flavor for you to enjoy. Their low income won’t even get you through a month. They are stuck with that kind of earning with businessmen. It is obscenely unfair because coffee sells at a high price in the marketplace.


Know about coffee Fair Trade

That is the reason why more and more people are giving their fair share on the Fair Trade. It helps farmers and growers get their wages up, just the way they deserve it. All of the companies and business firms under the Fair Trade umbrella are helping farmers through advocacy and they also teach them the right knowledge to boost their produce and apply environment-friendly farming. Fair Trade gives equity to our farmers. The situation of farmers are far from what you have now, you’re basically comfortable in your home drinking that espresso while they are under the sun trying to have that perfect produce of coffee beans.

You can do your fair share on the Fair Trade by making sure to buy your caffeine fix from Fair Trade certified coffee shops. There is still a large portion of the world’s population that doesn’t know about Fair Trade, you can help by spreading awareness in social media and the like. Support the Fair Trade in every way you can, tell your family and friends about it. Our coffee growers definitely deserve it.

So the next time you enjoy that hot cup of goodness, you are able to lift up the spirits of the farmers behind every savory coffee flavor and contribute in making the world a better place.

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